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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization!

What is a Search Engine? It lists and ranks information and content related to words you type, according to formulas affected by algorithms.

What is “SocialNetPromo” all about? We are “THE NEXT BIG THING as to Internet marketing. We built our business model embracing the FACT that there is very little room on computer screens and way less on mobile device screens. We upload your Brand’s Business Logo – Calling Card, contact info., and clickable website & MAP link, and promote it aggressively, so it is positioned for permanent search engine visibility.

Why do I need this service? If you do not establish your Businesses BRAND via a video based image(not necessarily a promotional video), your business will not be able to compete, nor obtain visibility ongoing into the future. Think about it, Tower Records, Borders Books, and magazine stands are history. Barnes and Noble and The Yellow Pages are trying to reinvent themselves, and will soon be extinct. When you have used a search engine, a) haven’t the video squares caught your attention, when they appear? Because they are more “Eye Catching” than the sentence and link. We exploit the fact that all those YouTube videos forgot to BRAND themselves. Millions of videos, and you see only a sea of people. You can’t tell one from the next. But you certainly recognize the McDonald’s “M”, or the Nike “Check”. It is never too early or late to initiate BRANDING. This is what we do for you. We implement a successful traditional advertising mechanism, in the new era Internet arena – LOGO BRANDING.

Can you get my Brand on the first page of Google? Yes! Establishing permanent visibility and to be best positioned to be ranked ongoing into the future is the strategy and long term goal.

How long will it take? It depends on your industry. Some industries and related results are already dominated with a lot of video content. Other results may be derived from powerful traditionally based media outlets, like a major newspaper, (still an effective way to obtain ranking, but a publicist costs a lot of money, and related print content is temporary & gets dated, and your logo and Brand are not promoted).

What happens if we slip off the first page, or we do not get on the first page? We do not like that, and will work to counter that event. Satisfied customers, refer future business.

Google Page #1: Again, there is only so much room on any first page of any screen. You may be in a very competitive industry, with a lot of video related content being uploaded to the Internet. It is helpful to understand that there are many search engines other than Google (Yahoo, Bing…), and that they will also rank your Brand with a properly created infrastructure. Activity on those engines and on lesser known video channels, further enhances visibility on Google. Google simply will not be the only search engine where your customers will find you ongoing into the future. Just because you don’t see yourself where you want to on a Google ranking, does not mean that millions of potential customers are not seeing you elsewhere. Properly establishing and managing a massive video based infrastructure, and an interactive Social Network presence, and posting “Real Time News” content(Tweets and Facebook posts…) to a “Real Time News” page on your website, is highly recommended to keep your Brand best positioned, ongoing into the future.

What is the Google Dance? A formula that alters algorithms, which Google implements to create the impression that they promote fair enterprise, and competition, and seem like they are not a monopoly(even though they sell limited first page placement). The current tool is called “Panda”. We really like Google, but they are clearly a monopoly. However, we believe their demise as to dominating search engine usability is inevitable. They want Yahoo & Bing to be successful. Remember what happened to BELL TELEPHONE? That is why all the current phone companies exist. The lesser known Internet video channels will prosper.

How does the Google Dance effect my ranking. We believe that when Google stops or is forced to stop selling first page sponsored adds, that our customers ranking will rise, as search engines recognize and promote seniority of content.When the sponsored adds go away, our clients rise up. Note, we also use many useful international video channels, as a mechanism to promote ranking. Our results exhibit that we often usurp paid adds. Think long term, and avoid placing your business in a position of always trying to “Catch Up”.

Why are other companies not offering this service? Great question! We are wondering this too, but we are glad they don’t.  Many alleged SEO Consultants, sucker business owners into paying them to randomly choose and then pay for “Google Add Words” on their behalf. That substantiates they do not know how to do the work themselves. We assume others do not find it appealing to spend the long brutal boring hours in the bowels of the video content, then try to figure out effective Keywords – Tags, Descriptions and titles, create multiple combinations of the videos, then figure out ways to rank the video, monitor their ranking, re-edit… Our goal is to acquire all the clients currently advertising in PRINT, and anywhere else. All that is temporary. It goes in the trash. Our results are permanent. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on offering genus level algorithm knowledge and expertise. How the Search engines operate, perform and rank content. This is what separates us from everyone. We are very Intelligent.

Who are your clients and will it work with my business? We promote Businesses in all industries, all causes, all missions. Our strategy is essential for your business.

What does the referenced INFRASTRUCTURE include? We create multiple copies of your “BUSINESS CARD” video (budget specific – basic and or elaborate), then upload multiple copies, with various tags, descriptions and titles, on multiple video channels. We also create, cosmetically coordinate, manage, and provide consulting as to your Social Network presence (Facebook, Twitter, BlogSpot…).


 We need our web site upgraded first! No you do not. (But we do that too.

I just want to be listed on “Google Places” & have the Map icon seen on search results. “Google Places” has now been replaced with Google PLUS, which further substantiates our business model as imperative.  This move is Google telling the world, that the Social Network is imperative. This positions them side Facebook and Twitter. That is why you now see the Google Plus icon adjacent to others on the Social Network.

We already have ADD WORDS, and use SPONSORED LINKS. Google has not told you that sponsored links options will not last forever. We believe Google will be deemed by the government as a monopoly, which they are.  The entered into their agreements prior to the world realizing the full value of search engines. Again, there is only so much room on any screen. Worst (or best) case scenario, is other search engines will gain increasing users & popularity (as Yahoo and Bing have been able to do), and your video based infrastructure will benefit as to ranking. Your business will be permanently advertised and promoted. Consider if your money and time is better spent by guessing which ADDWORDS you should buy from Google, paying a bogus SEO consultant who doesn’t know the answers nor how to do it themselves, or having SocialNetPromo – The SEO GURUs do it, provide management to better position your Brand, and offer remedies and or reasonable accommodations in the rare event that your ranking underperforms. It’s not about buying the Keywords or Immediate Ranking, which Google is very willing to sell you. It is about creating a lasting infrastructure. The former is analogous to print advertising which ends up in the trash (Yellow Pages, magazines, coupons). Search Engines recognize seniority. The sooner you establish a proper presence, the sooner you position your business, for permanent ongoing visibility onward into the future.

But can’t I just buy the “Google Places”s tear drop listing now, and worry about this later? Good luck with that. There is only so much room on any first page. Video squares are larger, and draw the attention of the viewer’s eye. Search Engines recognize seniority. You can’t wake up in a few years and throw a large amount of money at the task. Search Engines thwart over aggressiveness, and will push you toward the bottom of the listings. We build your infrastructure the long way, the time consuming strategic way, and in a manner that promotes staying power.

My tech guy, computer guy, or web site designer, office manager, marketing director, my family does our Social Network stuff! OMG! No they don’t, no they won’t, they shouldn’t be, and you don’t want them doing it anyway. Guaranteed they are already way behind, on even the tasks, they have any idea they should be managing. Simply ask yourself if you have communicated with those who have already “Liked” you on Facebook and who are following you on Twitter? – see * If you are one of the very few who have managed to initiate a valiant effort in this arena, then you know how very time consuming it is. If you elect to manage matters without our services, we can for a fee, examine your Internet presence and provide consulting to assist you.

We have an SEO person who does this for us alreadyHe comes in and shows us the “Keywords”, suggests new ones, and gives me examples. OMG! How’s that working for you? We exhibit oodles of examples, of how we dominate entire pages, in high level professions, and in major markets. What are they exhibiting to you?

I have a web site, and am already on Facebook and Twitter, and we have a YouTube channel, & Google +, I got it covered! Good start. You know how much time has gone into all that. You probably are behind on management, and overlooking imperative tasks. We are a ONE STOP, offering the most effective SEO & Social Network Branding. We also offer Website & logo design, photography, management, and all related services. However, our primary service is effective SEO.

If you do not have video squares showing up in the search engines, you need our services. Your current consultant, cannot now say they will do this for you. We are the experts. If they had a solid grasp on the strategy, they would have implemented it already. We are the very best in the business.

The Internet changes rapidly. Our business thrives on the forgotten, overlooked, most common useful marketing tool… LOGO BRANDING! We promote your Logo, contact info, and website & Map link, in multiple video square images, and promote them in GEO & INDUSTRY Specific, Global, and Passive searches, so that you are seen by both your targeted clients, and when people are not looking for you when they are searching for something else. Constant permanent visibility of your Brand & services.

We believe that if you are not using our service that you simply will not be able to compete.                           SocialNetPromo  (The SEO GURU), is a start up, fast growing company. We currently have and want a lot more really satisfied customers. Your referrals will make the difference. Please schedule a consultation. Engage us to represent your Internet business marketing efforts. We will work very diligently on behalf of promoting your business, with the goal of creating permanent ongoing visibility in as many places as feasible on the Internet.

 This is way too complicated… I don’t get it! We understand, and are constantly revising our pitch. We encourage our perspective clients to read the information @, click the blue link when you arrive, view the 2 videos at the end, and write down questions. Of course, please LIKE us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter

SEO Pricing:

Non – negotiable $1,500 retainer prior to starting any work.

This fee applies to only establish the Geo & Industry specific & Global “Calling Card Video” based infrastructure, determine and implement the Keywords – Tags – Descriptions to be used, and create & or manage – upgrade- consult as to the Social Network Presences, (establishment, initial design & management and upload of content to the related accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube + other video channels).

Non – negotiable $1,500 payment due upon the client’s “Business Card Video” appearing on the first page of Google.

There is a $200 extra charge to open a Vimeo video Channel Pro account, which belongs to the client. There is an annual fee for the same amount to maintain the channel.Vimeo ranks extremely well on search engine. This provides quality assurance. // Thereafter, our minimum monthly management fee for Social Network Management is $300/month. We suggest that our clients secure our services for a minimum of one year. // In the event that the client pays a monthly management fee in a timely manner for a period of at least 6 months, we agree to at no extra charge, teach and provide reasonable consulting, so that the client has the option of independently managing their presence ongoing into the future.

Consulting, Presentations and Teaching: Pricing starts at $1,500.

Accommodations: if you need special consideration as to payments, simply talk to us, we are human. As long as you are accountable, and we will get paid, we will work to find a way to help you make it is easy as possible. We encourage referrals, and that will go a long way to making it work for all parties. we believe that if you only send money on this advertising mechanism, and on nothing else, that your business will be best positioned ongoing into the future.

Other: We need all your content before we start work. User Names, Passwords, content, information, language, jpegs, everything we need to provide an effective service to you.

If you forget to give us content once we start uploading your video calling cards, which we create in iMovie only, there will be an extra charge.

How can I keep my costs down? We will work with you to devise a plan that is in your comfort zone. Eliminate traditional advertising expenses, especially print. This is where the bulk of your advertising budget should be spent. You are a valued customer. Your referrals will also gain you additional benefits.

 Not included…

The initial retainer and total payment for the Social Network Branding & SEO services does not include: WebSite & Logo Design, Video editing and or production of previously created non iMovie compatible video content, “Final Cut” video services, HD Video quality, Photography, High end scanning services, in the event that you provide us with less than high resolution images., Online advertisements… We do not edit your pre-existing non iMovie compatible video as part of our retainer fee. However, if you provide content in iMovie  compatible format, we will provide reasonable edits, and add the “Business Card Videos” – Branding Logo – contact, URL, Site map link, and annotations, which we do create for our clients.

Video Business Cards: We do create multiple copies of the “Calling Card Videos” we create using iMovie quality only. We do offer iMovie based video creation as part of the services provided and applied to the initial retainer.  Clients can provide their messages and images, and have final say as to how the frames are pieced together. It can be as simple as a business card, with contact information, and link to a website, or it can have a message and photos. The client decides the strategy. Any promo video should be less than 4 min., closer to 3. We encourage simplicity. Our primary goal is for the viewer to click on the link to your website, and see your contact information. They can watch any alternate longer video on your YouTube Channel, blog or website. We will be glad to promote the separate longer promo video, according to the strategy which the client suggests and agrees upon.

Additional Services: WebSite & Logo Design, Video and Final Cut Video  services, Photography, Social Network Management, All other related Social Network services, “Cookies” that trail those who click on our clients.Pricing for  H.D. Video editing & all other services – vary per project.

Web Site creation pricing starts at $3,000. We charge by the task for edits after the site is functioning. We do not use and you do not want FLASH. It impedes SEO

Perks: We offer license free music for your project, and free music downloads to your clients. Always give them something. We offer reasonable limited additional services for paid referrals.


How is SEO different from a Mobile App? Not related. Mobile Apps rely on you already having a magazine or something else in your hand. Borders Books and Tower Records have closed, so have many Newsstands. Barnes & Noble and the Yellow Pages are next. The “Kindle” is surging. The magazine companies are the ones trying to sell those Apps to their current clients, but they too are not telling them it is because they know their demise is eminent. Those Apps are not going to be very useful, when there are no more magazines.


Mobile: This is the dawn of the Smartphone age. In the next 2-3 years, where smart phones are in the hands of every consumer and tablet sales will exceed PCs. It will be a world where global internet users will double, led by mobile usage. Mobile will soon no longer be a support medium, it will be THE medium. We’ve already seen apps disrupt multi-billion dollar industries – gaming, retail, media, publishing, small business, photography, and travel. At this point, not having a mobile strategy / roadmap in place for your brand is a recipe for disruption, financial challenges, and failure. The golden age of mobile is upon us. Mobile is poised to surpass television as the dominant consumer access point for all media. How we experience life, relationships, entertainment, education, exercise, and work have been completely transformed (for better or worse) because of mobile.

Info: Facebook was sold for a mint, and yet it’s IPO was the worst in history. You cannot even see the AAdvertisments they sell you on the right side of their page, when using an iPhone. They are challenged as to monetization, as is Twitter, who passed on a 500 Million dollar purchase price, offered them by Facebook. Imagine how much lower Facebook’s stock would be valued at, if that purchase went through. Yet Google has plowed forward with Google Plus, owns YouTube, and its stock is soaring. Get on Board!