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Simply put… traditional advertising is obsolete. The Yellow Pages, coupons, mailers, flyers… all are disposable. They go in the trash. The images of your busuiness we create and upload to the Internet are visible in the search engines…Google, YouTube -(the 2nd most significant search engine), Yahoo, AOL…).

We upload a significant amount of our client’s images, with large visible contact info., and catapult them, to apprear in our clients targeted search engine results, as well as in passive searches in their Geo and Industry specific searches. Pure Genius!

Permanent visibility | Entire logo or image with clickable link to web site & map – not just sentences | Visible on Targeted Geo + Industry specific search engine results | Multiple Search Phrases | Multiple copies of your image reappearing | Eye catching | Takes up more room on screens | Separates clients from their competition – drawing attention to you and away from competitors |

A transferable business asset – as content is not disposable like traditional advertising

We build a permanent infrastructure | The only company whose entire business model focuses on this strategy | Branding 101!

However, our work is very time intensive. The good news is that we can save you money on Web Site design and upgrade costs, as much of what you would assume to be a huge expense, can easily be addressed via the Social Network. We can create the same sort of pages, and present the same content, utilizing the power of the Social Network. Engagement is everything. rearely does anyone stay on a given web site page. The benefit our clinets receive with our services, is that they appear in the search engines, where perspective clients can find them. This is what people wanted when they bought billboard, bus stop, and bumper sticker advertising.

We are hugely invested in as to the best interests of our clients success. We pride ourselves, in securing permanent and paramunt  visibility for our clients.